Rohan Bhardwaj has always been obsessed with learning and testament to that is the different markets and cultures that he has lived and worked in. With an entrepreneurial spirit to match, Rohan ran his first business, a coffee shop, at the age of 22. Over the course of his career, he has worked in marketing and management roles across different industries with a specific focus in F&B including being Marketing Manager for Burger King and Applebee’s for the Middle East region. Currently embarking on his latest venture ‘betterthanPeter’, an International podcast, in the brief while since launch it has attracted a who’s who of guests from different backgrounds.

Not originally a podcast, better than Peter was slated to be a dating app that innovated into a podcast that focuses on Quality guests and Quality conversations. Rohan believes that everyone has a story and highlighting these lesser-known experiences can in turn enable others to learn from failure, innovate, be relevant and improve. While firmly believing nothing beats hard work and perseverance he also possesses an academic background that includes a bachelor’s from Concordia University in Montreal and an MBA in marketing from Columbia Southern University.