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about betterthanPeter

Originally slated out to be a Dating App till Covid hit, betterthanPeter pivoted to a Podcast shortly after with the mission of bringing Quality Guests and Quality Conversations. Host Rohan interviews CEO’s, Fortune 500 Leaders, Athletes, World Travellers, Artists, and experts spanning different genres. Listen in on inspiring and moving stories of expertise, failure, struggle, success or simply starting over again. Learn from their experiences and what it takes to continue to follow your dreams and chart your unique path.


Fantastic chatting with you Rohan and good luck on the podcast!
Reham Khan
Episode 1 Guest
Having the opportunity to be on the better than Peter show was such an honor. I really enjoyed this interview! The questions and company was just first class. Thank you again for having me.
Josh York
Episode 2 Guest
Thank you for having me as a guest! Impressed with the thorough preparation from your side, and it was a fun chat!
Pilot Eva
Episode 9 Guest
Loved chatting with you, Rohan! Thank you so much for supporting the film and for your podcast!!!
Alice Gu
Episode 11 Guest